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LDV-System mit PowerSight Laser-Modul

Artikelnr: PS-TM-1D-532

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Uses the pre-configured PowerSight module with built-in solid-state high-power laser as well as ttransceiver optics in one box, ready for your laser doppler velocimetry (LDV) measurements.

The full system consists of the PowerSight module with integrated laser and transceiver as well as FSA Signal Processor and FSA BurstPro™ - Particle and Flow Analysis software.

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The PowerSight-based LDV System uses the latest solid-state laser technology to give you the powerful and compact laser module for LDV measurements. In addition to its power, the selected laser provides the excellent beam quality pertinent to the accuracy of LDV measurements. Unlikely many laser diodes with poor laser quality, the solid-state laser in the PowerSight offers true Gaussian beam profile (TEM00 mode) with M2=1.02, giving the most uniform fringes in the measurement volume.

Three versions of PowerSight-based LDV Systems are available: two single-component versions offer 300 to 500 mW laser for 1D flow measurement and the two-component version provides two 500 mW lasers to give you the power to measure two channels of velocities (2D). The combination of the single- and two-component PowerSight-based modules can be used as a three-component configuration which is typically used to explore turbulent flow structures in all three dimensions (3D).


  • Wind tunnels
  • Water channels
  • Turbulence measurements
  • Spray diagnostics

Features and benefits

  • High-power solid-state PowerSight laser up to 500 mW for each wavelength
  • Modules configured for 1D, 2D and 3D arrangements to measure u-, v- and w-components of your flow field
  • Easy to upgrade from 1D to 2D and 3D configuration
  • Optional fiber optic probe can be used to couple with the PowerSight-based system to offer the flexibility and ability for measurements in underwater, hostile environments and large facility
  • Option to use beam expander with the PowerSight providing the ability of long focal distance lens for measurements in very large facility
  • Along with the FSA4800/5800 Signal Processor for LDV measurements, the FSA BurstPro™ Flow and Particle Analysis software provides the operation of the PowerSight-based LDV System with ease, giving you the best measurement results

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