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FSA Signalprozessoren für PDPA-Systeme FSA 4000-XP

Artikelnr: FSA4000-1P

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The FSA4000 series of signal processors is the most accurate and fast, designed for PDPA applications. 

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TSI’s Flow and Size Analyzer sets the standard in digital signal processing. Firmware-based, it is the fastest, most accurate signal processor ever offered for PDPA applications. All versions below are high-performance digital burst processors, offering a host of useful features to optimize data collection:

FSA4000-1P Signal Processor for 1-Channel PDPA system 0.3 kHz to 175 MHz Request a Quote
FSA4000-2P Signal Processor for 2-Channel PDPA system 0.3 kHz to 175 MHz Request a Quote
FSA4000-3P Signal Processor for 3-Channel PDPA system 0.3 kHz to 175 MHz Request a Quote


Leistungsmerkmale & Vorteile

  • High accuracy based on a combination of SNR-based burst detection, dynamic burst sampling rate selection, multi-bit sampling, and other techniques to maximize measurement resolution and accuracy
  • High doppler frequency – up to 175 MHz – is ideal for measurements in supersonic flows, high-speed pulse sprays, and more
  • Dynamic burst centering, a concept developed by TSI, allows the system to capture samples from the best segment (the middle portion) of each burst 
  • Optimized accuracy even from poor quality signals through the use of patented processing techniques
  • Fully controlled by the FlowSizer™ Data Acquisition Analysis and Display Software