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CA-CALC Multi-Gas-Abgasmessgerät CA-6216

Artikelnr: CA-6216

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Model CA-6216 measures O2, CO, NO2, SO2, draft pressure, supply air temperature, and stack temperature. These multi-gas combustion analyzers are advanced tools for tuning burners on light commercial and industrial boilers for maximum efficiency and safety and to monitor SO2 for environmental concerns. CA-6216 Multi-gas Combustion Analyzers provide the basic Series CA-6200 features, which include a heavy-duty gas sampling probe and field upgrade capabilities plus an NO2 compensated SO2 measurement. The CA-6213 can be field upgraded with gas sensors to measure high-concentration CO, up to 2%, and NO for determination of NOx. This does model not provide NOx without NO sensor.. The standard heavy-duty gas sampling probe includes an in-line water trap and a unique, long lasting, serviceable filter. Custom length gas sample probe/hose assemblies are available.

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