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Alnor CompuFlow Messgerät für Luftqualität in Innenräumen CF930

Artikelnr: CF930

Dieses Modell wurde zum 31. Dezember 2011 eingestellt.

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The Alnor® CompuFlow® Indoor Air Quality Meter CF930 is the ideal tool for investigating indoor air quality and performing thermal comfort studies. It simultaneously measures and data logs multiple parameters: carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, and calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and % outside air.

Ideal applications include investigating indoor air quality, performing thermal comfort studies, checking ventilation systems and conducting IAQ evaluations.

Included items

  • Instrument
  • Hard carrying case
  • (4) AA alkaline batteries
  • Calibration collar
  • Operation and service manual
  • NIST calibration certificate
  • LogDat2™ Downloading Software and computer cable

Leistungsmerkmale & Vorteile

  • Stable NDIR sensor to monitor CO2 
  • Measures CO
  • Displays humidity as %RH, dew point, and wet bulb
  • Measures temperature
  • Calculates % outside air from CO2 or temperature
  • Manual or continuous data logging
  • Stores 12,700+ sets of downloadable readings with time and date stamp

Zugehörige Materialien

  • Anwendungshinweise
  • Handbücher
  • Datenblätter