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Alnor AirGard Air Flow Monitor 315-BSC

Artikelnr: 315-BSC

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Critical airflow monitor including downflow of a biosafety cabinet. Range 25-2000 fpm (0.127-10.16 m/s).

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The Alnor® AirGard® Flow Monitor Model 315-BSC is a simple, go/no-go monitor for critical airflows including the downflow of a bio-safety cabinet. By warning of poor bio-safety cabinet performance, the 315 - BSC can increase staff protection while reducing experiment contamination.

Features and benefits

  • Range 25-2,000 fpm (0.127-10.16 m/s)
  • Accuracy ±5% of set point
  • Visual display jumbo green, yellow, and red LEDs
  • Alarm indications jumbo red LED, audible alarm, relay output
  • Input power 9-30 V AC/DC
  • Mounting flush or kit

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