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Airflow Instruments Low Velocity Ductwork Leakage Tester

Artikelnr: AFL72376402

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The Airflow™ Instruments Low Velocity Ductwork Leakage Tester provides contractors, commissioning engineers and research and development technicians with a comprehensive choice of equipment to test and quantify air leakage. All forms of HVAC ductwork and components may be pressurised across a range of low, medium and high velocity applications to conform with DW143 and DW144 ductwork leakage specification. Virtually anywhere low pressurisation is necessary, in laboratory clean rooms, test cells and sealed enclosures Airflow leakage testers will provide a fast, accurate measurement solution. The method of measurement of air flow rate is a primary standard directly related to BS 848. Part 1.

Ideal for HVAC Ductwork, Plenum and Damper checks, AHU Enclosures and laboratory containment, Auto Cab Leakage
Grille, Diffuser and Linears Pressure testing.

Features and Benefits

  • Flow range up to 1274 m³/hr
  • Fast, Effective Electronic commissioning and Flow Control in Metric or Imperial units.
  • LM1 leakage Manager provides instantaneous Display of Actual Ductwork Leakage and Test Pressure
  • Portable, fits in an Estate car
  • No more levelling or topping up of fluid manometers
  • Auto zero facility
  • Tests to DW143 and DW144 Class A, B and C Ductwork 
  • Adjustable clamping angle display
  • Nozzle in use and over range prompts
  • Flow measurement to BS848 (Part 1)
  • Fundamental manometry readout kit available as an option

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