TSI to Demo LIBS Sorting System at ISRI

TSI Chemlogix will be showcasing the ChemLine™ Aluminum Scrap Sorting System during the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) 2018. This new, patented in-line process LIBS sensor takes automatic sorting a step further. The Chemline LIBS technologies is the first LIBS system that will sort alumimum alloys with capacity up to five TPH. See the system in operation on the show floor.

The ChemLine LIBS sensor analyzes the elemental concentration of each scrap piece measuring the Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Si and Zn levels. Sorting occurs based on the actual concentrations. The system's high speed, high powered laser burns through contamination and coatings and is the only LIBS sorting system on the market that processes five TPH of shredded metal. This proven solution can accurately sort scrap, faster, including: Mg from Al, wrought from cast Al, and 5xxx from 6xxx Al. 

"Previously, LIBS technology had shown promise in research applications as a potential tool for automatic scrap metal sorting. TSI has turned that promise into a reality. With an industrial sorting system based on the ChemLine sensor, this new LIBS reality will allow customers to sort Al alloys automatically. This advancement will benefit the scrap industry, as they adapt to the large increase in Aluminum usage that is occurring in the automotive and aerospace markets today." Todd Hardwick, Global Marketing Manager at TSI Chemlogix. 

The ChemLine Aluminum Scrap Sorting System provides fast payback for your scrap and less downtime for your operation with 24/7 sorting design.