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PolyMax Video Library

PolyMax Videos to help you get the most out of your PolyMax Plastics Analyzer

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理解更多有关 PolyMax 塑料分析仪

PolyMax™ handheld plastics analyzers are better alternatives to the burn-and-sniff method of plastics identification. Identify plastics with high accuracy at every stage of the recycling process.

For the best results from your PolyMax, we recommend watching the free training videos below. 

PolyMax Plastics Analyzer Overview

PolyMax Plastics Analyzer Overview | PolyMax components, sampling accessories, start-up, safety considerations, and more (5:24 min)

PolyMax Plastics Analyzer Check ID

PolyMax Plastics Analyzer Check ID | How to use the Check ID button, taking a sample, key to terms, and other steps to a successful plastics analysis (7:45 min)

PolyMax Plastics Analyzer PQ Cal

PolyMax Plastics Analyzer PQ Cal | Learn how to correctly use the PQ Cal function before each analysis. Includes other information, tips, and best practices (2:10 min)

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