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Liquid Flow Controllers modulate how much liquid enters a vaporizer, and in turn regulate the concentration of the vapor.

Our PE MSP Turbo™ Vaporizers use a precision Piezo-valve to control the rate of liquid flow to the vaporizer, significantly reducing dead volume and improving response time.


Turbo LFC

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Fast Response Time. Self-Learning. Zoned Pid Values. Flexible Solutions.

MSP’s versatile Liquid Flow Controller can be used to control the on-board Piezo valve in PE vaporizers. It can maintain a steady liquid flow, or generate repeatable short duration vapor pulses for ALD (atomic layer deposition) applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Supports Zoned PID settings
  • Has a self-learning function to optimize control
  • Response time of < 200 ms
  • 3 models that cover a liquid flow rate range from 0.08g/min (H2O) to 32 g/min (TEOS)
Filters are an important part of reducing CVD defects

Learn more by downloading our white paper on reducing CVD defects with post-vaporization filtration


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