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Your Guide to a Better Fit Test

PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester

Your Guide to a Better Fit Test

The newest Generation 4 PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester increases your productivity by making the entire respirator training and fit testing process more efficient, from training through compliance. 


Simplify Mask Selection
FitCheck™ Mode  gives users the ability to evaluate the respirators fit with real-time measurements, quickly matching masks to even the hardest-to-fit-staff.                                                 

Make Fit Testing Easy 
Simply complete the "Assign Person" screen and push "Start". The instrument does the rest. A simplified interface means a more user-friendly experience and an efficient use of your time.

Let the Instrument so the Work
Video animations guide staff through the proper movements for each exercise, providing a better evaluation of respirator fit while ensuring test consistency and increasing user productivity.

Pass More Fit Tests
By improving staff training and mask selection, users begin fit tests with respirators shown to fit and staff who know how to don and wear them. Better preparation increases your percentage of fit tests, saving time.

“You add an employee and which mask they’re using and push start.
You don’t get much easier than that.”


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