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Unveiling the SMPS™

A Glimpse into Nanoparticle Science and Measurement

SMPS™ Poster Now Available

Educational poster about SMPS™ and its measurement technology available now.The Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™) by TSI® stands as the gold standard when it comes to counting and sizing nanoparticles in the gas phase, ranging from just a few nanometers to 1 µm in size. The measurement technology is built on the principles of ISO 15900:2009, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability in nanoparticle analysis.

One of the standout features of the SMPS™ is its ability to provide results that are independent of the refractive index of the aerosol. This means you can trust the data it generates, even when dealing with a wide range of aerosol types. Expect a high degree of absolute size accuracy and measurement repeatability, setting a new standard in nanoparticle analysis.

How it Works: Behind the Scenes of SMPS™ Spectrometer

The SMPS™ spectrometer is a marvel of engineering, comprising three essential components:

  1. Electrostatic Classifier: This component employs a bipolar neutralizer to apply a standard equilibrium charge distribution to the aerosol. This step is crucial for preparing the aerosol for subsequent analysis.

  2. Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA): The heart of the SMPS™, the DMA, excels at sorting particles based on their electrical mobility. This technology ensures you get precise and selective sizing for your nanoparticles.

  3. Condensation Particle Counter (CPC): The CPC takes center stage in counting the sorted particles. It quantifies the particles in each size fraction classified by the DMA, delivering a comprehensive particle number concentration.

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Multiple SMPS™ Configurations AvailableWhy Choose an SMPS™ from TSI®?

The SMPS™ from TSI® empowers scientists, researchers, and engineers to excel in diverse fields, making it the go-to choice for nanoparticle analysis and research.

  • Cutting-edge nanoparticle analysis technology.
  • Unmatched absolute size accuracy and repeatability.
  • Calibration-free operation, saving you time and resources.
  • Comprehensive, three-component spectrometer for precise analysis.

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