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HVAC: we are the experts you can trust

Our brand and service have been synonymous with professional, high quality HVAC instruments for over 50 years. TSI has been providing exceptional repair services and calibrations for decades and now the European service center, based in UK, has the added recognition of being an ISO 17025 accredited facility.

ISO 17025 Accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to determine technical competence. Customers can be assured test and measurement data supplied by TSI’s accredited laboratories is accurate, reliable, and documented in calibration certificates needed in accordance to ISO 17025 requirements.


No one knows more about a product than the manufacturer!

In TSI accredited laboratory we provide multi-point calibration, repair service and adjustments for ventilation test instruments, so that customers can now get repairs and calibrations according to ISO 17025, done at the same time from the same provider. Only TSI is able to make calibration adjustments on the instrument with the support of factory trained technicians using OEM parts.

You can now reach the highest globally recognized standard with the highest level of trust, thanks to TSI expertise and quality service.


Accreditation demonstrates your technical competence. It sets you apart from the competition and enables you to compete on a level playing field with all organizations. It will give you more credibility and open doors to new customers, as an increasing number of companies and areas of government expect and require accreditation from their suppliers.

In addition, ISO accreditation should also help you improve the way you operate, whether by reducing error rates, cutting re-working, or by improving the quality and validity of your services.