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Fentanyl Risks to Emergency Responders

Fentanyl Risks to Emergency RespondersThe United States has been experiencing an alarming increase in opioid overdoses. Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid drug created for pain control, is causing an epidemic of overdoses and deaths.

Due to its extreme potency, Fentanyl is a danger to first responders. Respirator fit testing is an important tool in protecting emergency crews, police, firefighters, and medical personnel from accidental exposure to fentanyl and other opioids or synthetic drugs.

How to download the fentanyl article

Our respirator fit testing experts put together an article on Fentanyl. It includes details about the Fentanyl epidemic, helpful links, and information about using respirator fit testing and new PortaCount features to better protect your teams. 

Read or download Fentanyl Risks to Emergency Responders and Why Fit Testing Matters.

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