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Expand Your Indoor Air Quality Investigations

With the Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Expand Your Indoor Air Quality Investigations

with the Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Whether you are spending time inside a school, office building, manufacturing plant or healthcare facility, indoor air quality is important for every occupant.

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can negatively impact a person’s physical health, job performance, productivity and learning ability.  Indoor air quality can be adversely affected by temperature, humidity, a range of common and toxic gases, particulates and aerosolized chemicals.

An IAQ Monitor to Meet Today’s Needs

There is a heightened awareness of PM2.5 regarding the potential impacts on human health. IAQ professionals must now be able to capture data from a wide range of parameters, including measurements for gas and particle mass concentration, to track and identify sources of concern.

Measure particle mass and gas in a single, handheld instrument

TSI’s Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor Model 7585 is a flexible, multi-parameter IAQ instrument that can be configured, customized and expanded to monitor and maintain optimal indoor air quality. With the Q-Trak XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor, you can measure:

  • Up to 20 IAQ parameters simultaneously
  • Up to 6 different types of gases
  • PM2.5 and PM10 mass concentrations and particle counts
  • Temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure
  • % outside air, dew point and wet bulb temperatures

Ideal for:

  • IAQ surveys and investigations
  • Proactive IAQ monitoring (especially schools and office buildings)
  • Indoor air quality compliance testing to local or regional standards and guidelines (LEED, USGBC, WELL)
  • Evaluating thermal comfort (temperature and relative humidity)

Customization Through Sensor Configurations

The Q-Trak™ XP Indoor Air Quality Monitor is compatible with a variety of TSI gas sensors. Sensors can be switched out one-by-one, or the entire multi-sensor module can be switched out to a secondary sensor module configured for an alternate measurement application.

  • Field replaceable sensors with calibration certificates, for easy configuration 
  • Field calibration allows users to calibrate sensors prior to surveys
  • Mix-and-match sensors eliminates downtime and provides flexibility in the field


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This product is only available in North America.