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PowerSight-based PDPA System

SKU: PS-TM-1D-515

Uses the pre-configured PowerSight module with built-in solid-state high-power laser and transceiver optics ready for phase doppler particle analyzer (PDPA) measurements.

The PowerSight-based PDPA System is a turn-key system and transportable to meet your challenging sizing and flow applications in spray diagnostics.


Product Details

The Powersight-based PDPA System from TSI provides high laser power to measure very small droplets in dense spray environments.

The PowerSight module and the fiber optic receiver probe can be arranged in forward scatter or backscatter position to allow droplets of various composition and chemical to be measured instantly and correctly. The high-power laser in the PowerSight module is able to measure very small droplets in dense spray environments. Beam expanders or contractors can be easily added to the Powersight-based PDPA System to extend the droplet size range to be measured. 


  • Spray diagnostics
  • Bubble sizing in multi-phase flows
  • Field study of dust measurement

Features and benefits

  • High-power solid-state PowerSight laser up to 500 mW for each wavelength
  • Modules configured for 1D, 2D and 3D arrangements to measure u, v and w- components of your flow field and also the droplet size simultaneously
  • Easy to upgrade from 1D to 2D and 3D configuration
  • Optional fiber optic transmitting probe can be coupled with the PowerSight module to offer the flexibility and ability for measurements of spray in hostile environments and in large facility
  • Option to use beam expander and contractor with the PowerSight module to expand the measurement size ranges
  • Along with the FSA4800/5800 Signal Processor for PDPA measurements, the FSA BurstPro™ Flow and Particle Analysis software provides the operation of the PowerSight-based PDPA System with ease, giving you the best simultaneous size and velocity results

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