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Electrical Aerosol Neutralizer 1090

SKU: 1090

The Electrical Aerosol Neutralizer Model 1090 offers an alternative to traditional radioactive neutralizers, frequently required for aerosol measurement applications.

Product Details

Due to increasingly stringent local, state and national regulations, obtaining a license to acquire and use radioactive sources is often difficult and in some cases prohibited. The Model 1090 provides an attractive alternative, with neutralization performance virtually identical to that of conventional radioactive neutralizers.

This electrical aerosol neutralizer was specifically designed to replace conventional radioactive neutralizers.


  • Submicron aerosol sizing
  • Mobile and field studies
  • Filter testing
  • Monodisperse aerosol generation

Features and Benefits

  • Non-radioactive, safer alternative to Krypton-85, Polonium-210 and Americium-241 aerosol neutralizers
  • AC voltage corona-discharge bipolar ionizer with self-balanced levels of positive and negative ions
  • Accurate, stable charge conditioning for size distribution measurement by electrical mobility analysis
  • No particle generation (≥10nm)
  • No legal restrictions to laboratory or field use