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Portable Test Aerosol Generator 3073

SKU: 3073

The Portable Test Aerosol Generator 3073 is a high-end test aerosol generator for low and high concentration polydisperse droplet aerosols. It generates submicron aerosols from oils, and from salt or PSL solutions. The innovative new flow control reduces power consumption and achieves highly stable low particle production rates, ideal for calibration of particle sizing instruments. Its compact and lightweight design coupled with the potential of user-supplied battery operation make it a perfect fit for use in field test applications.

Product Details

The Portable Test Aerosol Generator 3073 is an atomizer-type aerosol generator with a submerged two-stream nozzle. It generates particle concentrations from 102 /cm3 to >107 /cm3 and offers an adjustable flow rate from 0.3 to 4.5 L/min. A long-life, low-noise brushless swing piston pump provides pressurized air. The flow rate is set on the display and controlled with a nozzle pressure sensor and proportional valve. Solutions can be pre-mixed in a standard 100 mL laboratory glass bottle with DIN thread and quickly exchanged. When using it with an optional user-supplied battery pack, it can run for up to several hours depending on pack capacity and operation conditions.


  • Calibration of particle sizing instruments
  • General purpose reproducible test aerosol generation
  • Tracer particle generation (seed particles)
  • HEPA/ULPA filter integrity testing
  • Cleanroom and safety cabinet validation according to ISO 14644-3
  • In-use acceptance testing of low- and high flow filters
  • Smoke detector testing

Features and Benefits

  • Highly portable self-contained design
  • Continuously variable output flow rate from 0.3 to 4.5 L/min with improved accuracy and reliability
  • Suitable for PSL, various oils, and salt solutions
  • Interface supports remote control
  • Internal brushless pump for long life
  • Compact and lightweight design with integrated wide-range power supply
  • Possibility of user-supplied battery pack operation for increased flexibility and field use

Features & Benefits