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VV Venturi Valves for SureFlow Controls VV-108-L-H-S-A-X-L

SKU: VV-108-L-H-S-A-X-L

Variable Volume (VV) Venturi Valves are pressure independent flow regulators, designed to maintain a constant flow rate as duct static fluctuates.

Product Details

VV Valves have a high-speed electric actuator to reposition the valve in order to change its flow rate in response to a controller.

Venturi Valves maintain their flow setpoint without need for straight duct runs, meaning that they are ideally-suited for volumetric flow control in laboratories and other critical spaces.


  • Laboratory safety
  • Laboratory comfort
  • Energy-efficiency

Features and benefits

  • Pressure-independent flow control
  • No straight duct runs required
  • Accurate to 5% of reading
  • Fast electric actuator adjusts flow rate