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Thermal Flow Stations TF-12-AL


Measures critical supply, fume hood and room exhaust airflows as part of a laboratory control system. Optional discharge air temperature measurement offers diagnostic information and can enable dual-maximum heating control sequences.

Product Details

TSI Thermal Flow Stations are designed for use in healthcare and laboratory HVAC control systems. When combined with a damper or VAV box with a TSI high-speed actuator, Thermal Flow Stations offer accurate and fast airflow control.

Model Selection Guide

Series/Model Maximum Duct Size Available Materials of Construction Discharge Air Temp Measurement Recommended Applications
TF 16 inch diameter Anodized aluminum stainless steel No

Room exhaust

Fume hood exhaust

Room supply

TF-T 16 inch diameter Anodized aluminum Yes Room supply with dual-maximum heating
LF 10 square foot Anodized aluminum Yes Large room supply and exhaust


Features and benefits

  • Direct measurement of critical airflows, rather than assumptions like with venturi valves, enhances safety
  • High accuracy up to ±3% of reading enhances safety
  • Low system pressure drop saves fan energy
  • Fast response allows use on systems with fume hoods
  • Factory calibration simplifies field startup
  • Optional discharge air temperature measurement improves diagnostics and can be used for dual-maximum heating control

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