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Respirator Leak Tester 8119A

SKU: 8119A

The Respirator Leak Tester 8119A is an accessory for the Automated Filter Tester 8130A that empowers you to perform critical tests whenever doubts arise about mask integrity, e.g. after maintenance. It is the next generation and successor to the original 8119 accessory used with the legendary Automated Filter Testers 8127 and 8130.

Product Details

The Respirator Leak Tester 8119A is designed with precision and reliability in mind, making it the ideal companion for the Automated Filter Tester 8130A. With this essential add-on, you can perform integrity tests quickly and confidently, ensuring that your respiratory protection equipment meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

The 8119A enables you to verify the integrity of respirators with ease, giving you the confidence that your equipment is up to the task. For example, after maintenance or repairs, you need to be certain that your respirators are still providing the protection they were designed for. The 8119A allows you to conduct crucial tests to verify that your equipment is in top condition, safeguarding occupational health and safety.

Don’t compromise on safety; make sure your masks are in proper physical condition with this new Respirator Leak Tester.

The comprehensive Respirator Leak Tester 8119A comprises a base plate, a flow distribution block, a head form, and software.

Applications – including but not limited to

  • Eyepiece(s)
  • Inhalation valve
  • Voice emitter
  • Cartridge threads
  • Physical damage

Features and Benefits

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for use with the Automated Filter Tester 8130A
  • Installation: Fast and straightforward, requiring only two screws
  • Highly Sensitive Photometer: The photometer technology detects even the tiniest increase in aerosol concentration due to damage or leaks
  • No Hardware or Firmware Changes Required: Seamlessly integrates with your existing 8130A system
  • Faster Testing: By using the hardware of the standard 8130A with higher flow rate and aerosol concentration, the tests can be performed faster compared to similar alternatives
  • Intuitive Software: Data logging and charting shows locations of leaks in real time

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