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Fit Test Probe Kit for Disposable Facepieces

SKU: 8025-N95

Use the TSI Model 8025-N95 Fit Test Probe Kit along with your PortaCount® Pro and Pro+ Respirator Fit Testers to quantitatively fit test filtering-facepiece (disposable) respirators¹.

$245.00 USD

Product Details

In order to perform a quantitative fit test the PortaCount® Pro or Pro+ Respirator Fit Tester must draw an air sample from inside the respirator while it is being worn by the person being fit tested. Use the PortaPunch™ Probe Insertion Tool, sampling probes, and push nuts contained in this kit to install a sampling port onto any disposable filtering-facepiece respirator.

Features and benefits

  • Allows quantitative fit testing of any class, brand or size filtering facepiece respirator
  • Eliminates the need to order or stock pre-probed masks from the respirator manufacturer
  • Probe installation is fast and easy
  • Inexpensive sampling probes are disposable

Includes: Porta-Punch™ Probe Insertion Tool, 500 Probes, 500 Push Nuts

For additional probes, please order Model 8025-N95R Refill Kit (contains 500 sampling probes and 500 push nuts).

¹ Use the PortaCount Pro or Pro+ Fit Tester to fit test NIOSH Series 100 and Series-99 disposable respirators.   Use the PortaCount Pro+ Fit Tester for fit testing Series-95 respirators.

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