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Aluminum Foil Substrates for MOUDI

SKU: 0135-01-0014

Aluminum foil substrates are typically used to collect particle samples for gravimetric analysis by all TSI™ cascade impactors.

Product Details

Aluminum foil substrates are available in several sizes to perfectly fit the impaction plates for the TSI™ impactors as shown in the table below. A mask (except for 135 substrates) is also included for correct application of the MSP silicone spray used to eliminate particle bounce during sampling.

Aluminum Foil Diameter (mm) For Impactor Models Quantity oer Jar Request for Quote
37 (Half-circle) Mini-MOUDI Impactor 135 300 Request a quote
47 MOUDI Impactors 100NR, 100S4, 110NR and MOUDI-II Impactors 120R, 122R, 125R (upper stages)  300 Request a quote
75 High-Flow Impactors 128, 129, 130, 131 300 Request a quote
90 MOUDI-II Impactors 122R (lower 3 stages) 100 Request a quote


Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum foils are thin (<0.025mm) so they do not affect the impactor jet-to-plate distances.
  • They are also clean and ready to use for gravimetric analysis, using conventional laboratory microbalances.