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AeroTrak-Plus Remote Particle Counter Wi-Fi Node 700500

SKU: 700500

A simple plug-in accessory offering the option for wireless communications using AeroTrak+ Particle Counters.

Product Details

The AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counter has an option for wireless communications. A separate Wi-Fi® Node connects direct to AeroTrak+ Remote Particle Counters via a simple bottom plug-in design. It is designated for either 4-20 mA analog output or 2.4 GHz wireless communications. Advantages include:

  • Low installation costs—simplified infrastructure
  • Reduced complexity—less system components
  • Less disruption—no network cable runs needing local power only
  • Low cost of ownership—easy redeployment, less waste, less cables…
  • Greater flexibility—easily moved or repositioned
  • Less scrap at end of life

Please Note—This accessory is currently only available for sale in Australia, China, Europe, India, Israel, Japan, North America, Singapore, and Korea.

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