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Upgrade your 23nm TSI Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counter (EECPC) to 10nm

TSI is offering an upgrade on Engine Exhaust Condensation Particle Counters (EECPC) models 3790, 3791, 3792 and 3790A. These models can be upgraded and calibrated to a 10nm EECPC, making them fully compliant with the proposed requirements by the PMP UNECE group, as shown in the table below. The upgrade includes all of the hardware and firmware updates necessary, and a full calibration per ISO 27891, with a corresponding certificate of calibration per PMP requirements. The EECPC upgrade also comes with a standard 90-day warranty.

Specification EECPC Models: 3790, 3791, 3791, 3790A Same Model Upgraded to 10nm Sensitivity
Efficiency Near Cutpoint 50% ± 12% at 23nm 65% ± 15% at 10nm
Efficiency Plateau >90% at 41nm >90% at 15nm
Particle Concentration Range (#/cm3) 0 to 1x104 0 to 5x104
Particle Concentration Accuracy (#/cm3) ±10% at ≤1x104 ±10% at ≤ 5x104
Calibration Aerosol Material Emery Oil (PAO)


The table below shows the correct EECPC model-specific service numbers to use:

Service Number Description
CL-3790A-10 Upgrade and calibrate 3790A EECPC to 10nm
CL-3790-10 Upgrade and calibrate 3790 EECPC to 10nm
MC-3791-10 Upgrade and calibrate 3791 EECPC to 10nm
MC-3792-10 Upgrade and calibrate 3792 EECPC to 10nm


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