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TSI Instrumentation for measuring submicron particle filtration of barrier face coverings to meet ASTM F3502

New Application Note

When a new standard is released, there are always questions—what is the scope of the standard, how to comply, etc. TSI filtration experts address these questions and more in this application note about testing barrierRead the ASTM F3502 app note face coverings to meet the new ASTM F3502 standard. Specifically, the application note describes how submicron particle filtration of barrier face coverings (BFCs) can be conducted using the TSI Automated Filter Tester 8130A, and how quantitative inward leakage assessment can be conducted for BFCs (or for occupational use respirators, in which case it is called “fit testing”) using TSI PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester Models 8040/8048/8030/8038.

The application note describes:

  • What barrier face coverings are
  • How they differ from respirators and medical masks
  • How barrier face coverings will be tested under the new standard ASTM F3502
  • How this testing compares to the testing of other respiratory protection devices
  • TSI solutions for testing of barrier face coverings
    • Filtration efficiency and pressure drop
    • Fit/Inward Leakage Assessment

Download the full application note to learn more