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Portable and easy-to-use handheld gas flow analyzer for biomedical test applications

The New Certifier™ Plus Ventilator Test System

Make your job easier with faster test set-ups, large color display, sturdy mounting options, and simple, intuitive interface. 

TSI, Incorporated, is proud to announce the release of the new Certifier™ Plus Interface Module 4089.

The new Certifier™ Module 4089 replaces the previous Certifier™ Module 4088 and works with existing Certifier™ Flow Modules 4081 and 4082. With this new interface module, the Certifier™ Plus Test System 4080-S maintains its ease-of-use and reliability while adding upgraded features that make conducting your biomedical testing faster and easier than ever.

The TSI Certifier™ Plus Flow Analyzer system can be used to test mechanical ventilators, anesthesia delivery machines, air oxygen blenders, medical insufflators, oxygen concentrators, and more!

Portable and Easy to Operate

Certifier Plus

  • Designed with a simple, intuitive user interface - touch any on-screen element to edit it
  • The 5-inch color screen displays measurements in large font for easy data viewing
  • The screen automatically adjusts to allow users to display up to 18 measurements at a time
  • More powerful Li-Ion rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous battery operation

 Faster Test Setups and Reporting

  • Create user configurations to save your test setups and quickly recall at a later time
  • User configurations can be exported and transferred between Certifier™ Plus instruments
  • Real-time graphs display the begin and end of breaths which makes setting triggers easy
  • Mount the Certifier™ Test System to optimize your setups and make efficient use of your limited space

Optimize Your Setup and Save Space

  • Robust RAM® mount is capable of securing the entire Certifier™ Plus test system plus a test lung
  • Mount your Certifier™ Plus instrument to the device under test (DUT) to make efficient use of your limited space
  • Optimize the positioning of your Certifier™ Plus instrument to easily compare reading to the DUT
  • Easily attach your Certifier™ Plus test system to ventilator rails, mobile carts, IV poles, and more

Everything You Need for Ventilator Testing With a Single Model

  • New Certifier™ Plus High Flow Test System 4080-F with full kit of accessories, includes: 
  • 4089 Interface Module, 4081 High Flow Module, and 4073 Oxygen Sensor Kit
  • RAM® mounting kit (Interface + Flow Module)
  • Test lung, 1.0 L
  • Certifier connector kit
  • Stylus, capacitive touch
  • Fitted deluxe carrying case