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How to use 5000 Series flow meters to test CPAPs and oxygen concentrators

5000 Series flow meter testing a CPAP and oxygen concentratorTreating patients with chronic conditions outside the hospital is a growing trend due to aging populations, the increase of chronic respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea or COPD, and the cost effectiveness of home healthcare treatments. Medical therapy equipment is now smaller and lighter, with increased battery life, and improved device reliability and ease of use. As a result, home healthcare medical equipment such as PAP therapy devices (CPAPs, BPAPs, and APAPs) and portable oxygen concentrators are more widely used.

To ensure the sensors embedded in these therapy devices are functioning properly, the equipment needs to be calibrated or checked prior to patient use or between use on different patients. The 5000 Series mass flow meters are ideal for testing home healthcare medical devices and come in a range of models to suit various applications. These laboratory meters can measure standard and volumetric flow, differential pressure, flow volume, humidity, and more.

In this webinar, Scott Lombardi (Global Product Manager) reviews this growing market – focusing on respiratory therapy devices. We share information on what medical devices are used, why these devices are tested, who typically does the testing, when the testing occurs, and how the testing can be done. This webinar includes videos that demonstrate using 5000 Series flow meters to setup and test a CPAP and an oxygen concentrator.

Webinar presenter Scott LombardiAbout the presenter

Scott Lombardi, Global Product Manager, Flow and Biomedical Instrumentation

Scott Lombardi manages TSI's line of gas flow measurement instruments, including mass flow meters and Certifier flow analyzers. These products are utilized heavily in the respiratory medical device market for research and design, manufacturing, and equipment service.

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