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Are You Sure They're Protected?

Demand More From Your Respiratory Protection Program

Respirator fit testing is about the safety and health. Providing the most measurable and accurate respirator fit test can help keep first responders protected and safe. Simplify fit testing with one consistent and objective testing experience in less than 2½ minutes* across any respirator type from SCBA’s to N95s with PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester. 

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Fire Fighter

  • Respirators protect staff from breathable infections and hazards in the workplace
  • First Responders deserves the very best protection possible from a respirator



  • Fit testing evaluates the seal between a respirator and the face, identifying gaps or leaks that put workers at risk​
  • Fit test results confirm if a mask will provide the right level of on-the-job protection needed


Together, we can help increase your staff’s safety and strengthen your respiratory protection program’s efficiency and productivity with the most trusted fit test instrument. PortaCount® Respirator Fit Testers deliver safety by utilizing the most effective quantitative fit testing method available to provide a precise measurable fit and training you can trust.


ACCURATE, FASTEST AND EASIEST FIT TESTING IN LESS THAN 2½ MINUTES**  using video animations to guide through the proper movements for each exercise

PortaCount All Mask Fit Test



FIT TEST ANY RESPIRATOR FROM N95 AND FFP FILTERING TO FULL-FACEPIECE RESPIRATORS with real-time feedback that guides to a better fit in less time

IMPACTFUL RESPIRATOR TRAINING WITH FITCHECK™ MODE allows to quickly identify the right respirator on how to wear respirators for optimal protection.

PortaCount Fit Tester
EFFORTLESS RECORDKEEPING AND PROGRAM SUPPORT WITH FITPRO ULTRA™ FIT TEST SOFTWARE improves efficiency and simplifies fit testing with measurable and accurate results in real-time.




  PortaCount Fit Tester  


Model 8048


* With OSHA's modified CNC fit test protocol

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