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Demand More From Your Respiratory Protection Program

Whether you're an occupational health & safety professional, a safety practitioner, or any industrial hygienist, continuous auditing, documenting, and implementing corrective or preventive actions are part of your daily routine. Given the heightened focus on workers' respiratory protection — highlighted not only by OSHA's* frequent citations but also by HSE's* guidelines in the UK — providing an accurate respirator fit test with the PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Tester can help keep your workers protected, safe and healthy – and to stay in compliance.

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  • Construction workerRespirators protect workers from breathable hazards in the workplace
  • Workers in dangerous environments deserve the very best protection possible from a respirator
  • Fit testing evaluates the seal between a respirator and the face, identifying gaps or leaks that put workers at risk​
  • Fit test results confirm if a mask will provide the right level of on-the-job protection needed


The PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Tester

Together, we can help increase your staff’s safety and strengthen your respiratory protection program’s efficiency and productivity with the most trusted quantitative fit test instrument.  PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester deliver safety by utilizing the most effective quantitative fit testing method available.

Animations ACCURATE, FAST, AND USER-FRIENDLY FIT TESTING (IN UNDER 2½ MINUTES**) - using video animations to guide through the proper movements for each exercise
PortaCount All Mask Fit Test FIT TEST ANY RESPIRATOR, from N95 and FFP masks to full-facepiece respirators, with real-time feedback that guides to a better fit in less time.

IMPACTFUL RESPIRATOR TRAINING WITH FITCHECK™ MODE allows to quickly identify the right respirator on how to wear respirators for optimal protection
PortaCount Fit Tester

EFFORTLESS RECORDKEEPING AND PROGRAM SUPPORT WITH FITPRO ULTRA™ FIT TEST SOFTWARE improves efficiency and simplifies fit testing with measurable and accurate results in real-time.



PortaCount Fit Tester


Model 8048

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* OSHA refers to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration of the US Department of Labor, while HSE stands for the Health and Safety Executive in the UK. Learn more: OSHA’s Top 10 most frequently cited workplace safety standards      

** With OSHA's modified CNC fit test protocol

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