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Construction Site Air MonitoringGlobally, there is an increasing awareness of environmental health, and the quality of the air we breathe. This awareness has put pressure on those generating pollutants, like fugitive emissions, to increase their monitoring, control and reporting activities.

Understanding exposure to poor air quality within a local environment requires data. TSI's DustTrak™ Environmental Monitor allows local authorities and environmental consultants to capture critical data in real-time in the moment they're needed - as opposed to days, weeks, or months later, improve worker safety on the job and reduce risk to companies.

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TSI’s  DustTrak™ Environmental Monitor is a reliable dust monitoring system for facilitating long-term dust monitoring. The instrument deployed within pollution hot spots enable local authorities to measure and view concentration levels of PM10 and PM2.5 in real-time. The captured data will give an indication of how effective an Air Quality Management area is at reducing pollutants and achieving its target limits. The instrument is compatible with a variety of sensors to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gases, wind speed and more. As your project moves down the road, it is easy to relocate the air pollution monitors, keeping project downtime to a minimum. 

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Grand Paris ExpressProtecting Parisians From Dust Emissions During The Construction Of "The Grand Paris Express"

"TSI came highly recommended via our laboratory teams who have been using their instruments for decades. Once we saw the product, data reporting capabilities and the experience, history and pedigree TSI has we knew that this offering was right for our needs."


The Grand Paris Express is the largest transport development passing through an urban area in Europe today. The project will require the construction of 68 new interconnected stations and four new lines. Due to the close proximity of local residents and sensitive receptors, the Parisian authorities requested that continuous PM10 and PM2.5 dust particulate monitors be deployed at each site.

APAVE, an international benchmark group in the field of technical, environmental and human risk management for over 150 years, operates on the Grand Paris Express site. APAVE was commissioned to assess the quality of the air.

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