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Respirator Fit Testing For Any Respirator

Real-Time Measurements, Real-World Safety

Respirator Fit Testing For Emergency Services

Fit Test Any Respirator

Emergency services at all levels are on the front lines providing service, protection, and support to their communities. As emergency services increasingly risk exposure to airborne respiratory hazards during emergency response, an increased focus on training and fit testing for respiratory protection is essential.

Until recently, respirator fit testing for emergency services has focused heavily on SCBA masks for firefighters. However, this global pandemic has made clear the importance of fit testing other respirators like disposable filtering facepieces for police forces, paramedics and firefighters.


Fit Test Any Respirator with PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Tester (model 8048)

Paramedics Fit TestingThe ability to fit test all respirators with one instrument is what makes the PortaCount™ Respirator Fit Tester (model 8048) so unique. The PortaCount™ fit testing machine works for any type or brand of respirator, from SCBAs to any disposable filtering facepiece.

The instrument evaluates respirator fit during movement, breathing and talking; providing an accurate reflection of how a respirator will protect staff on the job.

Measure your staff's respirator fit during action for increased safety and provide them with confidence that their respirator will provide real-world protection.

The integrated FitCheck™ Mode provides real-time measurements, allowing users to quickly identify the correct masks for staff and provide them with a greater understanding of how respirators best fit and provide protection. By improving staff training and mask selection, users begin fit tests with respirators shown to fit and staff who know how to don and wear them. Better training increases your percentage of passed fit tests, improving safety and saving time.


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