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TSI and Building4Health Join Forces to Manage Indoor Air Quality to Optimize Occupant Health

Sep 21 2022 Shoreview, Minnesota

TSI Incorporated is proud to announce our strategic relationship with Building4Health Inc. (B4H). This cooperation combines TSI’s technology in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring with B4H’s integrated medical, biological and architectural competence to provide people with real-time visibility of the health impact of IAQ. This visibility allows cost-effective building management to align indoor environments with conditions known to support occupant health and productivity.

“While Indoor Air Quality has been a topic for a several years, the pandemic really elevated this conversation,” said Ketan Mehta, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for TSI. “Working with B4H is a unique opportunity to help people truly understand what is at stake – the health and well-being of your building occupants. Combining TSI’s technology for monitoring IAQ and B4H’s expertise in deriving and communicating the health impact, we can work to improve the air we breathe.

TSI has a full line of air quality monitoring and commercial ventilation test instruments designed to accurately and reliably measure a wide variety of parameters important in tracking and maintaining indoor environments. Having been in the ventilation and measurement markets for decades, TSI is an industry leading solutions provider for HVAC professionals, facility managers, and anyone concerned about energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and air quality.

“B4H is a young and passionate company,” shared Dr. Stephanie Taylor, M.D., cell biologist, architect, and physician of 20+ years, and co-founder of the company.  By understanding the human physiological impacts of IAQ, our dominant environmental exposure can be managed to truly support health. “We are thrilled to be joining TSI in our mission to bring the complete solution to those that prioritize health in indoor spaces.”

“We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with B4H in providing the total solutions to indoor environmental quality or IEQ,” said Thomas E. Kennedy, Ph.D., President of TSI Incorporated. “This is another example of how TSI is living our vision to help to create a better world for people, products and the environment.”

To learn more, visit tsi.com/IEQ.


About TSI Incorporated

Around the globe, TSI provides a comprehensive range of solutions with unparalleled reliability and accuracy necessary to accomplish your goals. From workflow management, software services and measurement instrumentation, our complete suite of solutions are tailored to help you make informed, data-driven decisions to get your job done.

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About Building4Health, Inc.

Building4Health Inc. – co-founded by Dr. Stephanie Taylor - sets the first health standard for evaluating and managing the indoor environment for human health. Our patented algorithm integrates medical and building science data to produce a health index score that correlates indoor metrics with occupant physiology. The B4H platform then prompts remediation recommendations, when needed, for proactive and precise management of your indoor environment.

For more information please visit www.b4hinc.com