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TSI Expands Environmental Air Monitoring Offerings with New Low-Cost Sensor

Feb 25 2020 Shoreview, MN

Air pollution is an increasing concern in urban areas. There are instruments on the market today that output broad Air Quality Index (AQI) measurements – but what if there was a way to measure air pollution on a more localized level?

TSI is proud to introduce the newest addition to the environmental air monitoring product line. The BlueSky™ Air Quality Monitor (Model 8143) is a low-cost, lightweight, laser-based particle instrument designed to simultaneously measure PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 mass concentrations, as well as temperature and humidity.

While specifically designed for outdoor environmental monitoring, BlueSky Air Quality Monitors are small, lightweight instruments that can also be utilized inside buildings, homes and manufacturing facilities to measure indoor air quality. Each easy-to-install monitor is able to transmit real-time data to the cloud for remote viewing on an interactive map. Seeing and sharing your data has never been easier. 

“We’re excited to offer the BlueSky Air Quality Monitor as part of our family of environmental products,” said Steve Boehm, Sr. Global Product Manager at TSI. “We have over 50 years of air quality and particle pollution experience. Each BlueSky Air Quality Monitor is TSI factory-calibrated, which means you can expect the same high quality and reliability TSI products are known for.”

Users also have the option to program a custom calibration factor, and the unit’s self-diagnostics notify users of instrument performance, while maintaining data integrity.

To learn more, visit tsi.com/BlueSky.