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Nanoparticle Counting is Newly Defined with TSI's New CPCs

Shoreview, MN—For more than 40 years, TSI's Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) have paved the way for researchers in nanoparticle counting. The new 4th generation of CPCs from TSI will continue to be the benchmark for aerosol research, improving on overall software functionality and performance.

TSI's next generation CPCs are setting unparalleled standards in reliability and usability. CPC data can now be stored in the CPC itself, and stored data can be accessed anytime—even remotely. In addition, the new CPCs are built with the same architecture across all models and platforms, for easy, intuitive use.

Whether you need to calibrate and validate another instrument, or need to compare performance of different instruments, TSI's CPCs are the most trusted choice when it comes to reference counters. Long-term environmental monitoring users can enjoy the new software, which improves the way to screen and export large sets of data.

The next generation of CPCs will not only transform your particle data—it will optimize your research by eliminating downtime and lowering maintenance costs. Join the leader in the research industry and revolutionize your particle data with TSI's next generation CPCs.