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Ultrafine Particle Monitor 3031

SKU: 3031

The Ultrafine Particle Monitor Model 3031 is specifically designed to measure ultrafine particles long-term and is successfully used in air quality monitoring networks (e.g. France, UK, Delaware, US). It reports the particle number concentration in six size classes between 20 and 500 nm and requires only minimal maintenance.


Product Details

Ambient air monitoring data is used to understand and reduce urban haze, to assess the effectiveness of abatement measures (e.g. low emission zones), for epidemiological studies, and to derive recommendations for future action plans. There is a growing awareness that ultrafine particles (UFPs) could have significant effects on human health or our climate, especially as they are frequently present in large numbers due to traffic, residential heating, and other processes.

To better understand the health effects and climatic impact associated with UFPs, a number of European monitoring networks have started to complement traditional gravimetric mass concentrations (PM10 and PM2.5) with continuous measurements of particle number concentration and size.

With six size classes, the Model 3031 lies between Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) that report total number concentration (i.e. no sizing information) and Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™) spectrometer, which provide >100 size classes. It can detect and quantify nucleation events and changes in aerosol concentration. However, it does not require any working fluid for operation and collects data every 10 minutes. The data can easily be integrated into existing data acquisition systems, are remotely accessible, and are tamper-proof. 

The operational principle is based on diffusion charging of particles, followed by size segregation within a Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA) and detection of the aerosol via a sensitive electrometer. The model 3031 fits into a standard 19-inch, rack mount cabinet, which allows it to be easily installed into existing roadside and urban air quality monitoring stations. A bench top version of this instrument (the Model 3031-1) is available for laboratory or mobile applications.  


  • Urban air quality monitoring
  • Assess the effectiveness of abatement measures (e.g. low emission zones)
  • Road side measurements
  • Epidemiology studies
  • Traffic monitoring

Features & Benefits

  • Long-term, unattended operation
  • Data acquisition can be scheduled for example to start every full 15 minutes to align with our sensors operated in the monitoring network
  • Low start-up and operating costs
  • No working fluids; no radioactive source
  • Auto-start after power outage
  • Convenient data management with remote access via the Internet
  • NEW: tamper-proof data management
  • Covers the size range of greatest interest (20-500 nm) of ultrafine particles
  • Six channels of size distribution data
  • Continuous measurements every 10 minutes
  • Optional dedicated environmental sampling system model 3031200