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Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer 3034

SKU: 3034

This model is discontinued.


Product Details

The Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS™) spectrometer Model 3034 measures aerosol particles in the range from 10 to 487 nm. It displays data using 54 size channels (32 channels per decade) for high-resolution size information.

This submicrometer particle sizer is capable of measuring concentrations in the range from 1 to 2.4 x 106 particles/cm3. Therefore, it is well-suited for applications with both low and high particle concentrations. Like our component SMPS spectrometers, the Model 3034 uses the same continuous, fast-scanning technique to avoid gaps in the particle-size-distribution data. It differs in that it has a CPC, DMA, all flow controls, and fixed operating parameters integrated in a single cabinet. This greatly simplifies instrument transport, set up, and operation.

The  Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer generates a new particle size distribution every three minutes. It can operate for 30 days without a refill, it includes an auto-recovery feature in the event of a power loss, and it uses only 1 Kb of PC memory per scan! Plus, it corrects for ambient pressure and temperature automatically, so there is no need for post-acquisition data manipulation.


  • Continuous, environmental monitoring
  • Indoor-air-quality measurements
  • Inhalation research involving the health effects of ultrafine particles
  • Steady-state particle emissions testing
  • General laboratory work

Included Items

  • Aerosol Instrument Manager® software

Features & Benefits

  • Particle size measurements from 10 to 487 nm
  • Continuous, fast-scanning technique eliminates gaps in the particle size distribution
  • Single-box design for easy transport, set up, and operation
  • Designed for long-term, continuous, unattended operation