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Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation System PAN221-110

商品编号: PAN221-110


The Positive and Negative Duct Accreditation (PANDA) System PAN221-110 provides contractors, commissioning engineers, and research and development technicians with best-in-class choice of test equipment to quantify air leakage in ductwork and other areas as well as the ability to measure the performance of ducted systems. PAN221-110 power requirements are 110 to 120 V, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 16A. 

PAN221-110 is only available for sale in the U.S.  

 Pass/Fail Reporting for Standards

  • SMACNA HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual  
  • EN12237 Ventilation for Buildings – Ductwork – Strength & Leakage of Circular Sheet Metal Ducts 
  • EN1507 Ventilation for Buildings – Sheet Metal Ducts with Rectangular Section – Requirements for Strength and Leakage 
  • EUROVENT 2/2 Air Leakage Rate in Sheet Metal Air Distribution System 

Features and Benefits

  • Positive and Negative Duct Leakage Testing in one system 
  • Find and fix duct leaks to save energy 
  • High accuracy gives confidence in measurements 
  • High-flow fan for testing large duct sections 
  • Pressurizes duct quickly, allowing testing to begin in minutes 
  • Fits in the back of vans and trucks 
  • Includes TSI VelociCalc® Model 9565-P and DP-Calc™ 5825 


      • HVAC installers
      • Facility managers


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