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NGI Assistant

SKU: 4520-01-1003

The MSP (a Division of TSI) NGI Assistant automates the pharmaceutical testing step of dispensing solvent, consistently and completely dissolving the drugs, and then dispensing the prepared solution into HPLC vials for testing.

This product is also featured in the Copley Catalog, part number 5415.


Product Details

The easy to use and customizable semi-automated NGI Assistant balances automation and cost.

The dissolution and vialing sample preparation step of the inhaled drug testing process can often produce a lot of variability between batches and requires a large amount of labor to complete. By automating the method with the NGI Assistant, dosing accuracy improves, variability decreases, and method transfer is simplified. It also frees up analyst time to do more value-added work.

Features and benefits

  • Processes up to 3 cup trays simultaneously
  • Typical processing time of 20-30 min
  • Customizable applications and methods
  • Dispenses, rocks, aspirates samples into HPLC vials including backups
  • Dispenses to UIP and preseparator
  • Provides buffer steps, rinse for contamination with up to 4 solvents
  • Method transferable from/to the gentle rocker