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MicroPIV Optical Lens Assembly 610048

SKU: 610048

This unit has been discontinued. 


Product Details

The TSI Model 610048 MicroPIV Optical Lens Assembly is designed for PIV measurements in small flow regions. Typically, it is used when making velocity measurements in small channels or flow devices with dimensions of the order of 1 mm or smaller. It can be used with any of the TSI PIV cameras, including both the PowerView™ and PIVCAM™ camera series.

Since the optical assembly is mounted on the camera, the user has flexibility in positioning the imaging system with respect to the flow model. An additional traverse mechanism can be used to allow fine positioning of the system.


  • Microfluidics
  • MEMS applications
  • Drug delivery


Features & Benefits

  • Measurements in very small channels
  • Compatible with TSI MicroPIV systems