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LaserPulse Light Arm 610015

SKU: 610015

The Model 610015 laser light arm provides delivery of high power laser light beam safety and precisely to the location you need to make the flow measurement using PIV or PLIF.


Product Details

The laser light arm is an articulated arm that offers flexibility in delivering the light sheet for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) measurements or for other high energy laser applications.  The light arm features a beam path completely enclosed from the laser exit to the measurement region, providing safety and flexibility to deliver the illumination of your measurement region.  Design of the light arm is to allow high power laser light to go through without any degradation and distortion of the laser beam, energy of up to 500 mJ can easily be sustained. 

Features and benefits

  • Safe and accurate beam delivery
  • Experimental flexibility
  • Laser shutter at the end of the light arm for added safety
  • Adaptable to the 610026 laser light sheet optics
  • Wavelength of 532 or 527 nm as standard; other wavelengths available upon request