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Itasca-based PDPA System


Uses Itasca laser module with built-in Bragg cell to provide two equal-power laser beams for your challenging phase doppler particle analyzer (PDPA) measurements.

The full system consists of the Itasca laser module as well as TSI fiber optic transmitting and receiving probes, FSA Signal Processor and FSA BurstPro™ - Particle and Flow Analysis software.


Product Details

The Itasca-based PDPA System is ideal for your spray research because the Itasca laser module has a built-in Bragg cell to provide two equal power laser beams, one with shifted at 40 MHz and the other with unshifted. It can be easily coupled with TSI fiber optic transmitting probes.

The Itasca laser module with the 1 W solid-state laser provides the power for your very challenging measurements in dense spray or in large facility. 

Three versions of Itasca laser modules with different laser wavelengths are offered for measurement flexibility in controlled or hazardous environments, to help to configure measurement of three-components of velocity. With the fiber optic probes having fiber cable as long as 20 meters, the measurement can take place far away from the operator, for convenience and/or safety.


  • Spray diagnostics
  • Engine research
  • Quality control for spray verification

Features and benefits

  • Laser beam quality with TEM00 mode and M2=1.02, giving uniform fringe spacing in the measurement volume with excellent fringe contrast
  • High laser power of 1 W for dense spray or measurement in large facility, giving enhanced data rate
  • Adaptable for all transmitting probes, equipped with beam contraction or expansion optics to tailor the spray size range
  • True turn-key system with readily-to-couple transmitting probe, with coupling efficiency more than 60%
  • Modules with 532, 546 and 520 nm wavelengths for 1D, 2D and 3D arrangements

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