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Integrating Nephelometer 3563

SKU: 3563

This model is discontinued. The Integrating Nephelometer 3563 is a unique analytical instrument useful for short-or long-term measurements of the light-scattering coefficient of atmospheric and laboratory aerosols. It is particularly well-suited for measurements related to climate, visibility, and air quality. 


Product Details

This unique instrument offers sensitivity to light scattering coefficients lower than 1.0 x 10 7 meter -1 (blue and green wavelengths, 30-sec average time). That's as much as two orders of magnitude better than other commercial instruments!

TSI's Integrating Nephelometer 3563 has the advantage of selectable averaging time, allowing data to be tailored to different test requirements. It includes temperature and humidity sensors, and it possesses high vacuum integrity. Therefore, it produces accurate measurements, even when positioned inside pressurized aircraft cabins or smoke-filled environments.

This three-color nephelometer allows you to measure both total and backscatter signals, and it operates under complete computer control. Software and a separate power supply (not pictured) are also included with the instrument.


  • Climate, visibility, and air-quality measurements

Included Items

  • Integrating Nephelometer software
  • Power supply

Features & Benefits

  • Sensitivity to light scattering coefficients lower than 1.0 x 10 -7 meter -1
  • Selectable averaging time