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Insight Software Version 6


Insight Software Version 6 is discontinued


Product Details

TSI’s INSIGHT Version 6 software platform provides comprehensive solutions for capturing, analyzing, and displaying PIV images. Building of the success of previous versions of INSIGHT, INSIGHT 6 provides a range of new capabilities as well as improvements to existing features, to handle even the most challenging of flow measurements. INSIGHT 6 offers powerful algorithms for the analysis of PIV images, including the patented Hart Correlation developed in collaboration with MIT. The Hart Correlation analysis scheme offers increased spatial resolution, higher processing speed, higher accuracy, and the ability to diagnose larger flow field. Additional algorithms include recursive FFT and the direct correlation. Also, INSIGHT 6 offers the capability of allowing user defined plug-ins to incorporate the newest developments in a simple and easy fashion. Analysis schemes that are part of the patented MicroPIV technique are also available in INSIGHT 6.