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Electrostatic Classifier 3080N

SKU: 3080N

This instrument has been discontinued.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

This instrument has been discontinued.

TSI's Electrostatic Classifiers 3080 Series produce highly monodisperse, submicrometer aerosol. They have been used in a variety of aerosol-generation or particle-sizing applications with highly accurate and repeatable results.

Electrostatic Classifier 3080N includes the Model 3085 Nano Differential Mobility Analyzer (DMA). The Nano DMA generates particles in the range from 2 to 150 nm. This is the best Electrostatic Classifier for ultrafine particles.

The Nano DMA was developed in cooperation with the University of Minnesota Particle Technology Laboratory and Gerhard Mercator University.


  • Particle sizing
  • Monodisperse aerosol generation

Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with SMPS systems
  • Includes Nano DMA
  • Generates particles from 2 to 150 nm