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Alnor Velometer Anemometer Kit 6000AP

SKU: 6000AP

This unit has been discontinued as of June 30, 2009.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

The Velometer® Anemometer has been used for decades measuring static pressures, diffuser, and duct velocities in HVAC systems. Accessories probes to make velocity or static pressure measurements in diffusers, ducts, or in low flow conditions are available. The meter reads accurately in any position, making it easy to handle in awkward and hard-to-reach areas.

All purpose imperial kit includes:

  • Meter
  • 6030CP range selector
  • 6030DP range selector
  • 6050P low flow probe
  • 6060P-12" (305 mm) pitot probe
  • 6070P diffuser probe
  • 6080AP static pressure probe
  • 6080CP static pressure probe
  • 2161 (2) hoses
  • carrying case
  • manual
  • NIST calibration certificate
  • 1-year warranty

Features & Benefits

  • No batteries or power supply
  • Inheritantly intrinsically safe
  • Simulated analog display shows air trends and digital readings
  • Features seven different analog scales
  • Includes accessories for diffusers, ducts and low flow readings
  • Includes a low flow probe used for face velocities

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