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Alnor Combustion Gas Analyzer with O2, CO, Draft and Flue and Air Temperature CGA-814

SKU: CGA-814

This model was discontinued December 31, 2009.


Product Details

The Alnor CGA-814 Combustion Gas Analyzer with O2, CO, Draft and Flue & Air Temperature is ideal for light commercial to residential applications. This product provides boiler service professionals with flue gas data to tune burners on furnaces, boilers and other combustion appliances for safe, efficient operation.

Features and benefits

  • Replacement sensors need no calibration gas
  • Automatic O2, baseline and auto zeroing of sensors
  • 12- to 24-hour battery life
  • Sensors easily recalibrated in the field
  • Sample averages calculated automatically

Included items

  • Instrument
  • O2, CO, Draft and Flue & Air Temperature gas sampling probe (Model 801991: 12" probe, pistol grip handle with 7' hose)
  • Water Trap with filter
  • Four (4) size AA alkaline batteries
  • Operation and Service Manual

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