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Alnor AirGard Lab Hood Monitor 335-D

SKU: 335-D

This instrument is discontinued.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

The Alnor® AirGard® Lab Hood Monitor Model 335-D surpasses the protection offered by go/no-go monitors like the Model 200 and Model 405. It features prominent LEDs to indicate hood status, a digital display of the actual measured face velocity and the ability to warn of unsafe high face velocities, increasing user confidence in lab hoods.

Please note—this product comes with a US wall plug. For locations outside US, please contact TSI, or a local distributor, for more information.

Features and benefits

  • Color analog LCD display to indicate face velocity
  • May also be configured to display face velocity digitally
  • Display and alarm range is 50–250 fpm (0.25–1.27 m/s)
  • Jumbo red LED and audible alarm (85 dB @ 4” [10 cm])

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