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Airflow Instruments Filter Loss Manometer AFL400


This model was discontinued as of April 13, 2011. 


Product Details

The Airflow AFL400 Filter Loss Manometer is a general purpose Manometer suitable for positive, negative and differential pressure and combines low cost with quality engineering and a high standard of performance.

By applying the latest ultrasonic manufacturing techniques a virtually unbreakable plastic slimline gauge has been produced which totally eliminates the problems of parallax error and fogging associated with old style perspex manometers. This gauge has the benefit of giving a continuous display of the filter condition. As no flow of air passes through the unit, there is a further advantage in that for practical purposes there is no limit to the distance between the filter and where one mounts the gauge.

The AFL400 gauge is supplied with a fixing kit comprising 2 metres of flexible pressure tube, a pair of self-sealing duct connectors, 'Filter Clean', and 'Change Filter Now' self-adhesive labels, spare manometer fluid and self-tapping fixing screws.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost ‘at a glance’ filter condition check
  • Virtually unbreakable and weather resistant for onsite use
  • Precision measurement with high clarity scale
  • Range is 0 to 400 Pascals
  • Calibrated for life, minimal maintenance
  • Great value with badged OEM versions to order
  • Saves you money on filter efficiency, plant performance and laboratory safety

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