AeroTrak Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor 9000

商品编号: 9000

This model is discontinued.



AeroTrak Nanoparticle Aerosol Monitor 9000


  • Field portable for use in workplace exposure monitoring and research studies
  • User selectable response modes indicate lung deposited surface area of nanoparticles deposited in the tracheobronchial (TB) and alveolar (A) regions of the lung, corresponding to the ICRP lung deposition criteria
  • Easy-to-use, complete instrument programming and operation via the color touch screen
  • Integrated sampling pump for active sampling with a 1 µm (1000 nm) cyclone at 2.5 lpm
  • Survey mode for real-time readings of lung deposited surface area
  • Manual log mode for data logging allows you to quickly and easily setup and log data
  • Pre-programmed data logging mode, allows you to setup custom sampling protocols using the touch screen or TrakPro™ software and a PC
  • Provides immediate test statistics of real-time data or logged sample data for 8-hour TWA, and minimum, maximum and average surface area concentration
  • Graphing real-time or logged sample data on the instrument screen
  • Alarm setpoint for use in workplace exposure monitoring to indicate when conditions have reached a pre-determined action limit concentration
  • Analog output allows remote access to real-time surface area concentration
  • Data logging of surface area concentration for data analysis, reporting and record-keeping
  • Battery powered operation with up to three 6600 mAH LiIon rechargeable batteries provides run times of up to 18 hours for extended operation
  • Rugged, durable stainless steel case for use in clean room applications
  • Works with TrakPro™ data analysis software (included with instrument), allowing you to create and print comprehensive reports and graphs of logged data for analysis, reporting, and record-keeping
  • USB interface works with all Windows® 2000 and XP computers