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Internships at TSI: Be more than just an intern

To TSI, you’re more than “just an intern.”

By Joseph Kwong, TSI Software Engineer II

At TSI, we believe that the goals of an internship should be beneficial to both the intern and the company. When interviewing, we sometimes hear students say that their last internship wasn’t what they had hoped for. Either they didn’t have much to do or the work they were given was menial and uninteresting. At TSI, we strive to differentiate ourselves from other employers by providing an experience that aligns with the aspirations of our interns. Our goal is to create real opportunities for interns to learn and contribute in a meaningful way to the successes of their TSI team.

We start by ensuring that our interns have an opportunity for hands-on experience the very first day they arrive. We identify projects that will be both challenging to the intern and align with the business needs of the organization. Past projects have ranged from work on our internal logging utilities to experimenting with new technologies like Web-Assembly.

More than just an intern

To TSI, you’re more than “just an intern.” While interns are on our team, they are fully contributing members with the same rights and responsibilities as any other member. We encourage interns to speak up in meetings, to ask questions and provide input. In many cases, our interns are the subject matter experts when reporting on new technologies.

Learning how to meet industry standards

You will come out of a TSI internship with new skills and a better understanding of your chosen field. We expect our interns to meet our rigorous software engineering standards for code quality, documentation, and test coverage—and we help you get there. You will work in an Agile/Scrum environment, participating in all the ceremonies from Grooming to Retrospective.

Before, during and after a successful internship

Your internship should be about working hard and playing hard. At TSI, we celebrate accomplishments, whether it’s completing your first sprint or achieving MVP on a project. Our employees will take the time to teach important skills and best practices. You’ll also have time for fun and competition with challenges like ‘Find the Bug’ and ‘Good Code, Bad Code.’ Every intern receives a Support Rubber Duck to help them work through problem solving and other exercises. 

The success of TSI’s Software Internship program speaks for itself—just ask our many former interns who are now employees. You’ll hear for yourself how impactful a TSI internship can be. In addition to ex-interns, you will meet dozens of talented TSI people who can help you build your network or just make new friends.

The TSI advantage

I’ve listed just some of the many benefits of a TSI internship. Our longevity, culture, smaller size, and depth of experience will help ensure a rich and personal experience.  Even in a short time, you’ll be able to see a real impact from the work you do and the projects that you’re part of. TSI is a great place for interns to explore, learn, and grow, in an environment where collaboration and teamwork are core principles. We look forward to working with you!

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TSI's Joseph Kwong working with students

Posted on Oct 07 2020 15:03
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